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Discover How To Earn Money With Your Own Mentoring Program…

There is a lot of talk these days about mentoring a team and how to start your own coaching program. You probably already know that there’s a HUGE amount of money to be made by mentoring other people, especially in the internet marketing or ‘make money online‘ niche! Even if you think you’re not qualified to be a mentor, don’t let it stop you for getting started, as we all can learn from eachother, maybe even without you knowing you can do this to pass it through.
Keep in mind that your credibility as a mentor depends much on your online (marketing) actions and visibility, while the best way to show others your qualifications is the adagio: “action speaks louder than words”.  The good news is, there are many people that need help with all kinds of online marketing topics so if you have some specific skills like setting up a blog, you are already in business!
Actually, anyone can start their own mentoring program if you can do something to help others.

The mentor mindset.
To be an effective mentor and speaker is to practice your expertise what you’ve learned and to share your Internet Marketing knowledge with others.
You can follow the new K.I.S.S. principle in marketing which is called – Keep It Simple and Smart or being SMEXY– smart and sexy!
This marketing strategy has the benefits to identify the essential steps in an easy way to get you there:
Simple – to start with your key business objective for each campaign,
Smart – to put your business on automation, while this is a smart thing to do. Work smarter and not harder!
Sexy – while knowledge and leadership might be appealing to other people.
It also means that anyone can easily follow your moves (on lifestream videos) and what you have to educate them in an easy to understand, step-by-step approach, although not everyone has technical skills or a management background to begin with or some pure shyness to present in front of a camera. But that’s ok too…you’ll learn by doing….as practice makes perfect …or in case you simply don’t want it…you can organise a webinar or a visual training in a powerpoint presentation.
It’s important that you have the talent to motivate people and to help them to reach for their goals. The truth about motivation is waiting to be grasped and ready for you to put into daily action. There is definitely something inspiring about being a “peoples” person who knows how to stir the energetic side of one individual, and even more so when you mix it up with an entire team, to motivate and interact.

The first thing I taught myself is that we all have our limitations, but that doesn´t mean we can´t be part of a succesful team that inspires many others.
While one is better in making decisions and the other one in performance and connecting with others, the first thing you should learn a team is to have a positive outlook and insight towards their own attitude, mindset and determination and how that can effect the other teammembers.
Teambuilding, learning proven marketing strategies and getting online marketing confidence and skills would primarily be your first goal. Your daily interactions with people provide the opportunity to observe and practice your coaching qualities. The more information people don’t know the less they will succeed in the end, but… without getting an information overload! Did you know that there are many people who are jumping from one business opportunity to another without actually learning the basic skills first?
A good mentor will always keep the right balance between too much or too little information for his/her students in a pleasant and easy manner.

Mentorship is a process of becoming.
Although certain people seem to be born with natural mentorship qualities, without the right environment and exposure, they may fail to develop their full potential. So like learning how to ride a bicycle, you can also learn how to become a mentor and train your mentorship and teaching abilities. Knowledge on coaching theories and skills may be formally gained by enrolling in seminars, workshops and conferences. Together, formal and informal learning will help you gain coaching insights, and thus you’ll go with the cycle of learning yourself.
You do not become a good mentor in one day and then just stop. Life-long learning is important for all of us and becoming a good mentor is adding up your personal new experiences of what each day will bring you that put your knowledge, skills, and attitude to other people to a test as being their role model.

Mentoring starts with you.
There are steps that can be learned how to reach for building a successful team, while it´s important for your company to have coorporate succes. Investing in the people who work for you (your employees) or your company (your clients/students) is just part of that succes.
You can also purchase videos, ebooks, and seminar packages to assist you in building up your own organization and mentoring program and to create a team of people worthy of belonging to.

I offer a useful report that will give you a headstart with some ideas and will help you to perform. With some determination you can succeed to set up your own highly successful mentoring program.
Get to know when you’re actually ready to be a mentor, and why people would choose YOU to do this job.

Within this report you´ll learn:
* Why starting small is the best approach to this business
* How to adopt what I call ‘the mentor mindset’
* The first steps to actually setting yourself up as a mentor
* How to coach your students
* The different kinds of coaching you can offer
* Keeping people as mentoring clients for long term profitability.

Don’t settle for less to discover your mentoring mindset!
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