How To Increase Your “Brand Loyalty” With Your Logo.

If you have a website or blog and you do not have a great logo that you are happy with, then fixing this would be your number one priority. Having a nice logo is crucial not only that your website looks great but also that you’ll be able to create new marketing opportunities with a recognizable visual sign for your customers that is representing your business or name.

We all know the recognizable logo’s of the most famous brands, like Apple, Coca-Cola, Mc Donalds or Nike, even without visiting their websites.

Once you have created your logo, then you would best show it on top of your website. If you can’t create one yourself, let someone else do the job for you and outsource it, as the right logo can do a lot to build your brand.

Just look on Fiverr if you are on a shoestring budget or take a look at the logo software to make logo graphics yourself.

Business Cards
If you’ve got just created a logo, then it’s time to update your business cards (or to make some in the first place). With this method to brand yourself and your business is to spread your business cards around with each interaction or meeting with likeminded people to strengthen your brand awareness.

Email Signatures
If you have got a business email account, then you must add your logo to the footer of the email. This way, each time someone receives an email from you, they will see your logo and they’ll be given the chance to find out more about your website and business. This method is identical for forum signatures.

Social Media Exposure
Social media accounts ought to be all branded in accordance with your website or business color palette. This means that you must show your logo prominently or either your cover image on your profiles and in case you want to brand yourself… your own photo on your profiles. At the same time, your user name could be the same as your website or business and you ought to give a transparent link that is working properly (test it out first).

This will not only allow you to make sure a lot of people see your brand, it can additionally produce a lot of consistency followers across your promoting efforts on your channels that might be additional lead into selling your products.

No one likes being invoiced however that doesn’t mean you must hide your brand logo from your invoices. You want your business information to look professional on all of your prints.

If you sell products of any kind and can deliver them, then you ought to embody your logo on the packaging. This has worked incredibly well for Amazon, who exploit the joy that people feel when obtaining deliveries in order to make positive associations around their brand as a kind of emotional attachment to their packaging. You can do the same.

Internet Design
Your logo should integrate right into the overall planning of your website and you must involve parts from that color palette of your logo into your background and navigation bars to accomplish that it looks great.

With this approach you are getting a professional and overall exposure of your brand, ofcourse if you be consistent and providing good quality. By using the power of branding your logo can build up your “brand loyality” to your business and to make a positive impression on your customers.

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